A prophetic cry for an institutional introspection - Fr. Jeevan Kumar Juvvala



An Exegetical Reading of Luke 19:41-48 in the Light of Jeremian Pattern

di Fr. Jeevan Kumar Juvvala

Fr. Jeevan Kumar Juvvala, PIME Vidya Bhavan, has completed the two-year licentiate programme in biblical studies.

Here is a brief presentation of his dissertation.

The selected text (Luke 19:41-48) contains the lament of Jesus over Jerusalem and his intervention in the Temple. Unlike the other synoptics, Luke, in his authority as theologian and writer, placed the lament right before the episode of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem. By doing so, Luke consciously chose a unique itinerary to unfold Jesus’ prophetic identity by making the city of Jerusalem as the culminating point of it. The motif of the “rejected prophet” destined to be put to death by the Jerusalemite leadership becomes the leitmotif for events following Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Luke's articulation of the Lament in Old Testament literary style indicates that he perceived Jesus as consciously taking up a prophetic role, esp. that of prophet Jeremiah. Jesus’ ministry in Jerusalem suggests that he intended to bring a radical but gradual reform rather than rapid revolutionary change. Jesus' prophetic approach meant standing for authentic realism in the face of false optimism.

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